Beginnings of Magnus can be noticed since far 1923. The first locksmith and metal processing workshop in Skopje, established by the famous Dimitar (Mitre) Ilievski, places the foundation of a family business which as a tradition successfully transmits from generation to generation. Its work of art proves itself thought various projects of metal construction, bridges, eaves, internal and external fences etc.
As a reward for our long – standing work, with the opening of the first Small economy Fair, we won the first and second price for innovation with handmade kids’ car and kids’ scooter. In the fifties as an innovative solution we have made the first elevator in the building opposite of the Republic of Macedonia Assembly’s building...


Latest projects

Turkish Residence | 2010

Residence in Skopje

For the Turkish Embassy - we have performed the following tasks:
City Skopje | 15.01.2009


For the city of Skopje, we have performed following the boulevard Macedonian army:
Pro Kredit Academy | 02.11.2008

Residence of Veles Lake

electrification and lighting complete the interior and exterior of the building